What are the real costs of separating?

A recent article Lifting the veil on the true cost of saying I do in The Age on claims that current statistics show that the average spend on today’s wedding is up to $35,000 and nowadays most couples are paying these costs themselves.

Couples planning a wedding or considering moving in together are looking forward to starting their lives together. However, many couples may not have considered what might happen when the honeymoon period is over and the relationship breaks down.

So, what are the real costs of separating?

Separating couples who are unable to resolve their dispute may end up fighting it out in the Family Law Courts spending in excess of $35,000 each just to have the Court make a decision for them.

Couples starting their lives together can take preventative measures to overcome these problems. Many are entering into Financial Agreements where they can control what does or doesn’t happen in the event their relationship breaks down. Spending a little extra on legal advice at the start of the relationship may turn out to be the best investment for the future.

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