Relationship Agreements


It is not uncommon for people going through separation and divorce to experience feelings of regret, grief, and helplessness, which impacts on the ability to see clearly and rationally into the future. At Resolve Conflict, our experienced team can advise concerning all aspects of your financial matters whether you are married, in a de facto or same-sex relationship, or contemplating moving into a new relationship and concerned about asset protection including:

  • Prenuptial agreements where you are planning to marry
  • Relationship Agreements where you have commenced living together
  • Agreements to finalise your property division following separation
  • Child Support Agreements, limited and binding
  • Spousal Maintenance Agreements

Our team can provide expert advice on the best outcome to protect your interests.

Eliminating fear of the unknown: our process for negotiating relationship agreements

We organise a process interview with you to discuss your options. Our first step is to meet with you to discuss options. Our first interview is charged at a flat rate of $450.00 plus GST and will occur for up to an hour. In this interview, we'll work to eliminate the fear of the unknown by providing you with guidance and practical advice on how to move forward.

At the time of our first interview, we offer:

  • A free customised resource pack of family law information for you to take home
  • A free follow-up letter and telephone discussion summarising our advice to you

Then, our family lawyers will discuss the different pathways you can take to resolve issues, as well as an estimate as to how much your matter is likely to cost to resolve.

Book your first interview today with Resolve Conflict to see how we can help you.