Parenting Matters


Often in Parenting Matters, the child suffers the most as they feel to blame for the relationship breakdown, creating feelings of rejection and guilt.

At Resolve Conflict, we understand your children are the most important consideration, therefore we endeavour to reach agreements quickly and respectfully, minimising disruption.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of parenting matters, such as:

  • Spend time and custody arrangements for children (custody of children)
  • Parenting Plans
  • Shared Care Arrangements for Children
  • Child Support; including Binding and limited Agreements and overseas arrangements
  • Grandparents spend time arrangements
  • Interstate and International Relocation of Children
  • Coaching and Advice for Self-Representing Clients
  • Child-focused Mediation
  • Family Law Consent Orders in Children’s Matters
  • Passport and overseas travel disputes; including Hague Convention applications for international child abduction
  • Parental alienation cases
  • IVF and surrogacy matters
  • Restraining orders and injunctive relief
  • Section 60 I Certificates

Our team will provide expert advice on the best outcome to protect your best interests as you transition from being a family that lives in one home to be a family that has two homes for your children.

The process for resolving parenting matters is simpler than you think:

Separating families experience a time of extreme stress, both emotionally and financially as they try to reach an agreement. 

Our first priority is to work with you to support you in making calculated parenting decisions following your separation, that work well for the children.

Our first interview is charged at a flat rate of $450.00 plus GST and may last for up to an hour as we discuss your options.

From there, we provide:

  • A free customised resource pack of family law information for you to take home
  • A free follow-up letter and telephone discussion summarising our advice to you

Once you have had some time to process the information our family lawyers and mediators will discuss the different pathways you can take to reach an agreement, as well provide an estimate as to how much your matter is likely to cost.


Your options:

Not all family law disputes need to end up in Court. We favour a conciliatory and mediation approach where possible, and encourage you to carefully consider the route to be taken for your family, rather than simply focusing on the outcome.

Some of the options you have in resolving your case include:

  • Kitchen Table
  • Family Mediation (also known as Family Dispute Resolution)
  • Lawyer assisted mediation
  • Collaborative Practice
  • Lawyer Negotiation
  • Court

Book a first interview today with Resolve Conflict to see how we can help you reach a respectful resolution with minimal disruption to your child’s life.