Property and Financial Divisions


When people go through a separation or divorce, they may experience feelings of regret and grief, clouding their ability to think clearly or rationally.

Our vast experience in advising, negotiating and drafting financial agreements and Court Orders for property division will ensure we help you achieve a fair financial division as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We work regularly in the following areas:

  • Identifying all assets and liabilities that relate to the relationship and need to be divided
  • Tracing assets that may have been removed and protecting other assets
  • Family Discretionary and Unit trusts of all sorts
  • Valuation of all Assets and Liabilities both Business, Trust and Personal
  • Spousal and Child Support payments pending determination of all matters

Removing the fear of the processes:

We organise an initial discussion with you to discuss your options.  Our first step is to meet with you to discuss options. Our first interview is charged at a flat rate of $450.00 plus GST and will occur for up to an hour. In this interview, we'll provide a step by step process to reach a fair property division of all of your assets and assist you with spousal/partner support issues while we are negotiating.

At the time of our first interview, we offer:

  • A free customised resource pack of family law information for you to take home
  • A free follow-up letter and telephone discussion summarising our advice to you

Then, our family lawyers will discuss the different pathways you can take to resolve issues, as well as an estimate as to how much your matter is likely to cost to resolve.


Book your first interview today with Resolve Conflict to see how we can help you.