Separation & Divorce Lawyers


Separation and divorce are often a stressful and overwhelming experience. At Resolve Conflict, our team of family and divorce lawyers can assist you to finalise your separation and if applicable, apply for, or respond to, an application for divorce.

Our 50 years of combined experience as family divorce lawyers, ensures we can provide you with expert advice whether you want to initiate divorce proceedings or have received application for Divorce.

We endeavour to make the separation and divorce process as easy and as comfortable as possible. We will provide clarity during these difficult and sensitive circumstances.

The process for separation and divorce:

We organise a process interview with you to discuss your options, reduce associated anxiety and navigate you through the Divorce. Our first step is to meet with you to discuss options. Our first interview is charged at a flat rate of $450.00 plus GST and will occur for up to an hour. In this interview, we'll discuss your personal circumstances and provide you with guidance and practical advice on how to move forward.

At the time of our first interview, we offer:

  • A free customised resource pack of family law information for you to take home
  • A free follow-up letter and telephone discussion summarising our advice to you

Then, our family lawyers will discuss the different pathways you can take to resolve issues, as well as an estimate as to how much your matter is likely to cost to resolve.


Book your first interview today with Resolve Conflict to see how we can help you.