Post Separation Assets: Why a quick property settlement is crucial

November 27, 2018

Once you and your partner have separated it’s a good idea to seek a property settlement sooner rather than later. Why? Sometimes surprising to clients, the law regards asset accumulated after separation as relevant to the net assets of each party at the date of settlement or trial. This means if you win the lottery, […]

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Family Law Myths – Busted! (Part 2)

November 21, 2018

Last week we busted the top 5 Family Law myths that clients often think are true. Continuing on, here are the next 5 Family Law myths anyone going through a divorce or separation should be aware of. “The 2 year rule applies in Australia” This mistaken myth, claims that if you have been together for […]

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Family Law Myths – Busted! (Part 1)

November 14, 2018

Like every family, every family law proceeding is unique. Hence, what you have been told by friends, family and colleagues may be misleading; as their situation was or is most likely different to your own. On top of this, there are a number of family law myths that can complicate peoples understanding of fact and […]

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Travelling Overseas With Your Children After Divorce – What you need to know

November 6, 2018

With the summer holidays fast approaching it is a opportune time for separated and divorced parents to take note and double-check a few things before making any overseas holiday plans. Written Consent As the old adage goes “treat others as you would want to be treated”, this ‘Golden Rule’ is particularly apt for separated and […]

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Child Support – An Essential Guide

October 31, 2018

What is Child Support? Child support is the ongoing legal responsibility of separated parents to provide an appropriate level of financial support for their children to ensure that the child’s needs are met. The Child Support Scheme is governed by the Child Support Agency (CSA) and the Child Support (Assessment) Act, which aims to ensure children […]

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Tips and Tools To Minimise The Effects Of Separation On Children

October 23, 2018

The end of a relationship is generally a very difficult time for people; sadness, confusion, anger and conflict may be dominating their life during this trying period. Regrettably, separating parents may unwillingly overlook the impact their behaviour and actions may have on their children. Parents, children, relationships and parenting styles are all unique and come […]

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When can my child decide who they want to live with?

October 17, 2018

A common question for separated parents is, ‘When can my child decide who they want to live with?’ It may seem like a straightforward question, however, the answer is genuinely depended on each individual case and the child. In Australia there is no minimum age for a child to be able to express their view […]

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Secrets To A Successful Divorce

October 10, 2018

A successful divorce is one that reduces the emotional, financial and logistical toll that naturally comes with divorce. The following recommendations, if implemented, can help make sure your divorce runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. Educate yourself Now is not the time to be a bystander on what is going on. “Read as much […]

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What Happens To My Inheritance If We Divorce?

October 1, 2018

You’ve decided to separate, next you’ll need to tackle the division of property. Ordinarily all assets and debts are pooled and distributed between you and your ex-partner. There are several ways this can be done. Together you can agree on how to divide your property without court involvement, which can then, if you wish, be […]

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Changing Your Child’s Surname After Divorce

September 26, 2018

After the breakdown of a relationship between parents, there is often a wish for the child’s surname to be changed by one of both parents. This usually occurs when the mother has adopted the father’s surname at the time of marriage and then wishes to revert to her maiden name after separation. The mother may […]

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