How To Tell The Kids You’re Getting Divorced

How To Tell The Kids You’re Getting Divorced - Resolve Conflict Family LawyersThe difficult task of telling your children you’re getting divorced isn’t easy to do in the best of circumstances. Your children may react in a variety of ways: sadness, anger, or even relief. Despite this naturally being a challenging conversation, there are always good ways to give upsetting news. Preparation by parents can make things a lot easier for children and starts the new world of co-parenting off on the right foot.

Say It Together

Presenting a united front shows your child that you can still work as a team and have their best interests at heart. This is not a time for blame or accusations it’s about guiding your child through uncharted territory of emotions at the same time reassuring them that everything will be ok.

Plan what you’re going to say – select an age appropriate explanation

Know what you are both going to say and how you are going to say it. Together with your spouse dot point key messages that you think are initially important for your child to hear. There will likely be more conversations in the future about what is happening, however the initial conversation needs to concentrate on the imitate facts.

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Keep Your Emotions In Check

The news will likely bring up a lot of emotion for your children, at this time it’s best not to react similarly and support them through their feelings.

Address The Entire Family

“Experts agree that it’s best to have this conversation with the entire family present and then to follow up with each child separately. But if you’re concerned that your older child is going to take the news hard or that her reaction will upset a younger child (after all, a school-age child understands the concept of divorce more than a toddler or preschooler does), you and your spouse may want to talk to each child individually.”[1]


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