Surviving The Holidays If You Have Divorced Parents

Surviving the holidays if you have divorced parents - Resolve Conflict Family LawyersFor many of us, the holiday season can be somewhat stressful and anxiety provoking particularly when we are adult children juggling divorced parents.

No matter if your parents divorced years ago or just recently, here are our top tips for surviving the holidays if you are an adult with divorced parents.

Create new traditions

With the change of family structures it’s only normal that past holiday traditions will also change. No matter your age this can be a hard and sad reality to accept. However, with change comes opportunity to create new traditions that will also be meaningful and enjoyable for you and your family.

You can’t please everyone!

Family obligations are rife during the holidays, and if your parents are divorced your obligations have at a minimum doubled. Before agreeing to everyone’s wishes take a step back and work out what you realistically can achieve and also what you actually want to do.

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Communication is key

Effective communication is the best way avoid hurt feelings and to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you need to broach a difficult topic with a family member take the time to dot point what you are wanting to get across.

Be the host

Why not host your family this year? This could create a new way of doing things and potentially keep everyone happy.

You’re not alone

Remember no family is perfect and practically every single family, those with divorced parents and those with married parents, are all dealing with some level of challenging family dynamics during the holidays.

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