Secrets To A Successful Divorce

Secrets To A Successful Divorce - Resolve Conflict Family LawyersA successful divorce is one that reduces the emotional, financial and logistical toll that naturally comes with divorce.

The following recommendations, if implemented, can help make sure your divorce runs as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Educate yourself

Now is not the time to be a bystander on what is going on. “Read as much as you can, go to free (or paid) consultations with various professionals (mediators, lawyers, divorce coaches and more). The more information you have regarding your rights and options, the better decisions you will be able to make.”[1]

Communicate openly with your lawyer

Honesty is always the best policy. It is a must that your lawyer is fully aware of your financial matters, or you may find yourself being penalised by the courts or worse your spouse delving into your affairs that could draw out the legal proceedings, making the process lengthy and costly to both parties.

Mind your money

With the end of a relationship comes change, financially you need to work out what income and expense are going to change. With this knowledge you can then plan for your future better, as well as avoid and rude financial shocks.

An easy way to start a new budget is to write down all your income streams and expenses, then work out what is essential and what can be cut back.

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Focus on the future

Unfortunately, when emotions are not in check, seemingly insignificant issues can furiously derail an otherwise successful divorce. It’s important to think of what you want for your future and not get caught up in the present, igniting battles that won’t help your future self and more importantly even penalising your future. Not sweating to small stuff is the best way to keep your successful divorce on track.

Take the high road

It’s been said that divorce can either make you a better person or a bitter person. Obviously divorce can be extremely emotive, try not to become personal or critical of your spouse and say or write something you may later regret. Remember that divorce is a process not a fight.

Start with Mediation

Collaborative Family Law or Mediation is often a great option for couples that are able to remain amicable and have a good understanding of their financial standing. Most importantly they want to retain control of what happens to their family and wish to resolve their differences respectfully and privately out of Court.

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