Same sex marriage

Same sex, or gay marriage has been a topic of discussion by Australians for many years. The recent dinner hosted by the Prime Minister has once again highlighted the issue and the fact that where other countries such as Canada have legislated in favour of gay marriage, Australia has not.

One wonders what the rationale for such a dinner may be. The discussion is reported to have been positive, but the Prime minister has not changed her stance on the topic.

The inclusion of one of the couples’ two sons as guests, with their articulate support of their mothers’ right to marry, added an emotional and real life touch to the event as reported in the media.

In contrast to the current ban on gay marriage is the somewhat opposite circumstance in which de facto heterosexual and gay couples can now access the Family Court in the event of separation with respect to division of assets between them.

Doesn’t this seem paradoxical? Gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to separating, but not when it comes to getting together – and marrying – in the first place.

Maybe it’s time that the rules governing togetherness should catch up with the rules governing splitting up.

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