Relationship Resolutions Couples Should Make For 2019

Relationship Resolutions Couples Should Make For 2019 - Resolve Conflict Family LawyersWith the start of a new year it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that was and start to think about what you want to achieve for the year ahead. Obviously, many of us make personal goals around New Years, however making relationship resolutions and goals with your partner can have a positive impact on your relationship for the year ahead.

Here are the top relationship resolutions suggested by relationship experts:

“We will learn something new together”

Learning something new together. “Take a class, learn a new language, try something different together — this can help strengthen your relationship bond,” says Dr. Needle PsyD. “Plus, doing something regularly can give you something to look forward to as a couple.”[1]

“We will reduce negativity in our conversations”

It’s okay to bicker with your partner every now and then, but there are more productive ways to face conflict. This year, you may want to consider breaking one of your bad habits, like blaming, shaming, or criticising your partner, says Dr. Needle, PsyD. When you feel yourself slipping into old ways of managing a disagreement, take a step back. “Reduce the negativity, take responsibility, and communicate using ‘I’ statements and feeling words,” she says. For example, instead of saying, “You always ignore me when I’m talking to you,” try saying, “I feel hurt when I’m trying to tell you something and don’t get a response.”[2]

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“We will unplug”

Obsession with our devices undermines essential aspects of our lives, particularly those that strengthen and enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing. These aspects tend to be the first things that get put on the back-burner in favour of our devices. Dr. Needle says. It’s fine to use your phone sometimes, but vow to “spend undistracted time together,” she says. “Be present, don’t multitask, and give your partner your full attention to allow for deeper connection and to create more meaningful moments together.”

“We will strive for more win-win outcomes”

Conflict is inevitable in all relationships, however it doesn’t need to be emotionally distressing nor bad for your relationship. “You can have conflicts with your partner in a constructive way and it may actually bring your closer together.”[3]

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