How to solve family disputes

How to solve family disputes - Resolve Conflict

Everyday we are trying to balance work, home, blended families and health. Our family issues are often left unattended, they can simmer for years and spiral out of control and be that ugly elephant in the room. Working out family problems are not as hard as some would think? There are some intentional efforts you can apply to get the back on track, here are some ideas you could follow…

  1.  Try to understand that family issues are normal and apart of normal life so don’t feel you need to hang on to the issue as tomorrow it can subside.
  2. If it continues to be an issue, get someone to mediate and who can stay impartial
  3. Try hard to understand their point of view and only then see you you can be understood.
  4. Remember that time can heal and the reason of the argument can be often forgotten. Be patient and be ready to accept honest love and a willingness to change.
  5. Remember everyone deserves to be heard and each persons point of view is important. Don’t buy into the thought that everything would be better if only….
  6. Truth is paramount, only communicate using the “whole truth and nothing but the truth” philosophy.

If you have an on going problem with a family member, maybe its time to take a lead role in trying to resolve it and find a solution that will satisfy both parties.

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