How To Reduce Stress And Family Conflict Over The Holidays

How to reduce stress and family conflict over the holidays - Resolve Conflict Family Lawyers‘Tis the season to be jolly, however with family gatherings, travelling, gift buying and preparing for Christmas celebrations, this happy holiday season can become the perfect storm for family conflicts.

The following are helpful tips on how to minimise stress and family conflicts over the holidays.

Don’t seek perfection

No family is perfect and rarely does a holiday celebration go without a few hiccups. Try not to expect more from family gatherings than reality can deliver. Seeking the “perfect” holiday or family gathering only puts yourself and everyone around you under undue stress.

Accept you can’t make everyone happy

The reality is that it is extremely hard and exhausting trying to make everyone happy and try to do it all. Learning to say no to certain events and realistically setting goals that are achievable during the holiday season will put you in good stead to have an enjoyable and less stressful holiday season.

Focus on interests, no positions

We all don’t have the same thoughts and opinions. When another family member makes some outlandish statement that you don’t agree take a moment and assess whether it is worth jumping into a debate or best to move the conversation on.

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Asses the stage of conflict and respond appropriately

Conflict can range from mild to extreme; what might start out as a mild disagreement or irritation can quickly escalate. At a mild level of conflict try and listen to what people are saying and keep an open mind, where you can see things are getting heated try diversion and a change in conversation.

Be prepared for some conflict

If your family usually has some kind of conflict when they all get together, it’s worth being prepared and working out ways to try and minimise the situation.

Set a good example for your children

Children are very perceptive and see and hear a lot more than many of us realise. Taking the high road and showing your children good character with love, patience and a genuine interest in others could be one of the most valuable lessons to pass onto your children.

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