How To Communicate Better With Your Co-parent

How To Communicate Better With Your Co-parent - Resolve Conflict Family LawyersCo-parenting is rarely easy, even for a happily married couple. For separated co-parents the trials of day-to-day parenting can become fraught with unnecessary conflict, particularly when there is a break-down in communication.

Looking at ways to help communication is an obvious solution that will help both parents and their children ease into their new routines.

A Communication Book or Communication Apps are helpful tools that todays separated co-parents can utilise to manage their primary role of looking after their mutual children, whilst keeping each other informed in a low-conflict, minimal contact way.

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“A communication book can be a device for separated parents to keep communication between them short and to the point. Parents can choose to use a communication book or a court may order them to use it, particularly if the parents seem unable to communicate with each other.”[1]

The communication book or communication App is used between parents to document matters which they wish to raise with the other to ensure that they are both co-parenting effectively.

What is included in the book or app is up to the co-parents, however common communication includes;

  • Medication updates
  • Sickness updates
  • General health issues
  • School projects
  • Upcoming social events
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Requests to change any parenting times / change a scheduled change over time

Other communication could include more broad information that the other parent might find of interest. For example;

  • Activities the children have enjoyed
  • School awards
  • Updates on developmental progress
  • Changes in food, toy, clothing preferences of the child

There are several Apps that can help co-parents communicate like a physical communication book, however in the convince of an App. Examples include;

Our Family Wizard



Talking Parents

When a communication book or communication App is used effectively and in the method intended, then they can be a very successful tool to help parents communicate with one another especially if other communication channels have been unsuccessful in the past.

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[1] Thistleton T, ‘How to Streamline Your Co-Parenting Communication’, Motherly, viewed 16 May 2018,

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