Your Options

“The longest journey starts with a single step”The Separation and Divorce Journey.

All journeys tend to proceed a lot more smoothly and with a lot less bumps along the way when the direction or route to be taken has been carefully considered, weighed up and prepared for.

Most of us would agree that it would be foolish to embark on a challenging bush walk without a map of the terrain, water bottle, fire lighters, shelter, a compass etc.  and without researching which route we should take to best meet our needs in terms of our fitness level, available time, weather forecast, provisions needed along the way and so on.

Our careful planning for such an event ensures we are best placed to overcome any difficulties that might arise along the way.

Separation and divorce are likewise a journey and for most people a difficult, unfamiliar and challenging one.

In common with all difficult journeys, things will proceed more productively, when the route to be followed has been well thought out and planned in advance.

At Resolve Conflict, we will encourage you to carefully consider the route to be taken for your family, rather than simply focusing on the outcome.

That is not to suggest for a moment that the outcome is unimportant, rather that experience teaches us, we have a much better chance of getting to the end without major mishap or drama, if we plan the route carefully and stay safe along the way.

Part of our service is to provide practical advice and guidance about the different process choices that are available to your family as you negotiate your way from being a family that lives  all together to becoming a family that lives apart.

You can’t always choose whether or not you want to divorce, but you can choose how well or badly you do it.

Your options:Collaborative Family Law

In this process the separating couple agree not to go to Court and work together, with their lawyers and other professionals towards reaching a mutual agreement in a series of facilitated non-tactical meetings that focus on the family’s needs. All negotiations occur with the clients present.

Family Law Dispute Resolution

This process involves an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner who assists the parties to resolve disputes involving family law issues in a confidential and supportive environment, usually in the absence of lawyers.

Family Law Mediation

Mediation uses a neutral professionally trained mediator to facilitate settlement discussions between the parties. It may involve just the separating couple and the mediator or alternatively it can be a 5 way process where each party is represented by a lawyer.

Family Lawyer Negotiation

In this process the negotiating is left to the lawyers, usually done in the client’s absence. Some people are not able to negotiate with the other party nor do they wish to be in the same room or even the same building while negotiations are occurring. Clients meet privately with their lawyers in this process and the lawyers check in with the clients to keep them informed of the negotiation.

Family Law Court Proceedings

Clients are unable to reach agreement and the court resolves the matter and decides what will happen.

Family Law DIY

Some clients prefer to sit at the kitchen table with their partner or spouse and try to work things out for themselves. Where possible, this can achieve a good outcome. At Resolve Conflict we are happy to provide legal support and advice in the background and assist you in your negotiations