What is Family Law Mediation?

Family Law Mediation is an option which allows people the opportunity to resolve their disputes respectively, peacefully and privately.

  • Resolve disputes privately
  • Informal & Voluntary
  • Accredited and Trained Mediators
  • Mutual Agreements for Family Law Issues
    • Financial Agreements
    • Parenting Plans
    • Child Support Agreements
  • Central Melbourne CBD Based Location

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Mediation is an informal and voluntary process which allows the parties to explore their family law issues, develop options and reach a mutual agreement. The mediation process also provides a blueprint for resolving any potential family law issues or disputes that may arise in the future.

In this process, the clients each engage a family lawyer, and then jointly appoint a mediator to facilitate their negotiations. Usually there is one mediation meeting only with lawyers present. The mediation will generally run for a full day, or in less complex matters, a half day.

Our trained mediators, working from our Melbourne Mediation Offices, will assist both parties towards achieving a common resolution for their family law issues with or without the involvement of lawyers.

There are considerable benefits associated with choosing mediation, including the parties taking responsibility for their family law issues and working together towards achieving an agreed outcome.

The mediation environment can often minimize conflict between the parties and develop a more respectful relationship for the future.

Once an agreement has been reached through family law mediation, we are also able to assist with the documentation to make the decision binding.

Depending on your individual family law situation this might include drawing up financial agreements, parenting plans and child support agreements which can then be lodged with the Family Courts.

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