Simple Tips To Keep The Holidays Special When Your Ex Has The Kids

Simple Tips To Keep The Holidays Special When Your Ex Has The Kids - Resolve Conflict Family LawyersA difficult part of co-parenting is missing out on spending time with your children. The Christmas holidays, a time usually spent with family, can be an extremely sad and difficult for a co-parent whose children are spending the holiday with their other parent.

No matter which way you and your co-parent have set up the holiday parenting plan, if you are co-parenting through the holidays, you will likely spending a period of this time without your children.

This for many parents can be heartbreaking, especially if this is the first year the family has been separated.

The following tips are simple ways to keep the holidays special for you and your children even when you ex-partner has them for Christmas.

Celebrate Christmas on another day

A simple strategy to still feel like you are spending the holiday with your children, even when you aren’t really. A simple act to do all of the fun activities on a different day without ruining the fun of the holiday for your co-parent.

Create new traditions

Again, an easy way to handle the Christmas holidays whilst keeping them special for children and co-parents, is to create new and fun traditions that you do as a family that the children can look forward to. This is particularly important if old traditions have been lost since the separation or divorce.

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Be enthusiastic about their holiday

Celebrating a holiday without your children is obviously difficult, however parents can accidentally ruin their children’s Christmas cheer by projecting their own sadness for not being able to spend time with them.

Consider their preference

If your children are older, then you and your co-parent may want to ask them how they wish to spend the Christmas holidays and how the time will be shared between each parent and extended family. Giving your children some say may help them feel more in control of their situation and therefore more content with the arrangements.


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