Preparing For Mediation – Tips For Success

Preparing For Mediation - Resolve Conflict Family LawyersCongratulations, if you and your former partner have agreed to embark on mediation as the route to resolve parenting and financial matters after separation you have a great opportunity to resolve your matter respectively, peacefully and privately.

Mediation is arguably the best place to start with any family dispute matter, as you will save time and money and develop a working relationship with your co-parent. It can also help you achieve good outcomes quickly and cost-effectively in simple financial matters.

Being prepared for mediation will help you maximise the chances of reaching a favourable outcome as soon as possible.

Here are our top tips to do exactly that:

Seek legal advice

This is paramount before starting the mediation process. Obtaining expert legal advice about the family law process and completely understanding the best and worst case scenarios, will enable you to make informed decisions during the mediation.

Choose your mediator carefully

Mediators come with varying experiences, talents, dispositions and styles. You want to choose a mediator who you feel comfortable with and who you believe will do the best job in working with you your former partner and their mediator.


For mediation to be effective, you need to prepare and understand what your aims for the mediation are. Make a priority list of what you want to achieve from mediation. This will help you be clear on your objectives and help you work out what outcomes you can live with and what outcomes you cannot.

Plan for roadblocks

There are likely to be roadblocks throughout the mediation. Consider what the other party may want out of mediation and the roadblocks that may occur. If you are aware of these potential roadblocks, it gives you time to consider what you may be willing to compromise on to ensure the mediation continues. Remember, if you are not prepared to negotiate and compromise, your matter will not be resolved at mediation.

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Think outside the box

Mediation gives you and your former partner the ability to agree on solutions that can be more varied and imaginative than what a Court might impose. Thinking outside the box and coming up with creative solutions might well create the perfect resolution to your family dispute.

Focus on the big picture

It’s important to stay focused on the big picture and what your priorities are, so be sure to pick your battles. If you get caught up disagreeing on the smaller particulars you may derail your big picture outcomes.

Be realistic

Once you have obtained legal consult, be sure your expectations line up with the legal advice you have received. If you have unrealistic expectation you are unlikely to resolve your family dispute at mediation.

Keep your emotions in check

The family law process is undoubtedly an emotional time for most people, however during mediation avoid being reactive and ruled by your emotions. Try and stay calm and focused as decisions based on emotions rather than logic often end up being the wrong decision. Remember, if you feel overwhelmed in the mediation you can always ask the mediator for a break so you have some time and space to gather your thoughts and keep your emotions in check.

If you are wanting to resolve a family law dispute or interested in understanding how the mediation process can help you, contact us today.


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