Keeping your kids safe during separation & divorce

Adele Horin’s article “Parental ‘poison’ of kids on rise” in the Age on 6 February 2012 claims a study has found that warring parents in Family Court disputes are claiming former partners are poisoning their children against each other.

Parenting is for life. Great care should be taken to preserve parenting relationships for the children’s benefit. Research tells us the biggest risk factor for children’s wellbeing during separation and divorce is high levels of parental conflict.

Non adversarial processes such as collaborative law, mediation or family dispute resolution provide an opportunity for parents to work together to reach amicable solutions for their family without the need for Court. These processes assist in the preservation of family relationships rather than their destruction.

Parents involved in serious cases of parental alienation or cases involving children who are at significant risk of harm or abuse may have no option but to involve the Family Courts. However, litigation should be the option of last resort.

Further information about collaborative law, mediation or family dispute resolution is outlined in our website or telephone our office to speak with one of our experienced Family Lawyers.

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