A Guide To ‘Grey Divorce’

A Guide To Grey Divorce - Resolve Conflict Family LawyersAs divorce in Australia has steadily been declining over the past decade or so, the evolution of Grey Divorces has steadily been on the rise.

Grey Divorce, first coined in reference to the end of a 40+ year long-term relationship, is now more commonly used to refer to the divorce trend amongst baby boomers regardless of the length of their marriage.

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There are many unique elements to consider when facing a ‘Grey Divorce’ that differ from other generations, potential the most significant and difficult being a complex financial separation.

For instance;

  1. Determining value of Premarital Assets and Liabilities
  2. Proving Separate Property vs Marital Property
  3. Division of the family home
  4. Division of Superannuation
  5. Division of Family Trust.

Due to the complexity of a ‘Grey Divorce’ it is advised both parties seek professional advice on their specific situation.

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