What is Family Dispute Resolution?

At Resolve Conflict, our primary focus is assisting clients to work through their differences and achieve a family law solution without going to Court. This type of process is cost and time efficient and removes the stress associated with Court.

  • Facilitate communication between both parties
  • Effective solution without going to court
  • Time and cost efficient
  • Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners
    • Cathrine Gale – Former President Law Council of Australia (LCA) 2012
    • Laura Zavros
  • Solve family disputes, avoiding court
  • Accessible Melbourne CBD Location

Please tell us how we can assist you with your family dispute matters.


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At our office, Catherine Gale and Laura Zavros, both accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, will facilitate negotiations involving children’s issues and financial matters in a confidential and supportive environment.

The primary role of our professionals in the Family Dispute Resolution process is to facilitate communication between both parties without providing legal advice.

As trained Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, they assist couples to solve their Family Law disputes at an early stage before parties require Court action.

They can help you identify key issues and develop mutually agreeable options in all matters.

Sometimes the court route cannot be avoided. For those couples to whom this applies, as of July 1 2008, the Family Law Act requires separating couples to seek assistance from a Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) practitioner to attempt to resolve their children’s issues out of court or, in the event that this cannot be achieved, obtain a Section 60(i) Certificate allowing them access to the Family Court for matters relating to their children.

The Family Dispute Resolution process involves our accredited practitioner meeting with each party at our Melbourne Offices individually, before both parties meet with the practitioner together to try and reach an agreement. The initial individual meetings allow each party to discuss what they want to achieve out of the family law process.

Family Dispute Resolution usually occurs through a series of 2 hour meetings and helps the parties explore the options they have to resolve their family law issues and tailor a solution to the families needs.

Generally, appointments in our Melbourne Office are available within a short period of time and your chosen FDR Practitioner will meet with you individually before any joint meetings occur.

Couples also have the option of attending a joint information session with a one of our Family Dispute Resolution practitioners to discuss their options before committing to any process.

For more information pertaining to Family Dispute Resolution, please to do not hesitate to contact our office on (03) 9620 0088.