We recognise that professional time is expensive.

Our first interview is charged at a flat rate of $275.00 plus GST. This is a face to face interview up to 1 hour 15 minutes.

In addition we offer the following:-

  • A free initial telephone discussion with you
  • A free customised resource pack of family law information for you to take home
  • A free follow up letter and telephone discussion summarising our advice to you

When acting in your family law matter, to the extent possible we will endeavour to tailor our services to your budget.

As part of our service we undertake to advise you of the most effective options in relation to containing your family law costs.

We are always available to discuss your queries regarding any item that we have charged you for.

Fixed family law fees are available in appropriate cases, and we are happy to discuss this with you.

Unlike most law firms, we do not require you to pay us ‘upfront’ for our professional fees before we do the work involved with your case. We are committed to working in a relationship of trust with you, understanding that you are entrusting us with important life issues.

Equally, we trust that you will respect our trading terms and pay us in accordance with what has been agreed, or if for some reason you cannot, you will immediately advise us and work with us to put your account in order.